Tracy Rudzitis

Tracy Rudzitis

The Computer School MS 245 NYC
New York City

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I teach at The Computer School in New York City.

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fionna lertext

Tracy is a horrible teacher . she teaches the dumbest things i'm just like Wait, why do we need to learn this? Learning her crap hurts my head! Yeah, I was listening I just wasn't paying Yeah, I was listening I just wasn't paying attention. like Why do we get homework and you don't?! i want to say I have this great diet plan. You should try it. she talks you hear blah blah blah. Hey, how old are you anyway? Over 100 or 200? i guessed 300. she starts ragin im like Did someone forget to take their meds today? for real !! Who died and made you the boss of everything? they prob died from looking at what you call a face! So Tracy just remember I'll be here everyday…EVERYDAY!!!!