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Visual Narrative for Teachers

Douglas Herman, Josh Weisgrau — Rough Cut Schools, Science Leadership and Friends Central

After a brief overview of some important filmmaking concepts, you will dive right into making your own short video. You will be teamed with one or more SLA advanced video students who will help advise you through conceptualizing, planning, filming, editing and presenting your short movie by the end of the workshop.

You can bring any device capable of taking video to work with - smart phone, tablet, point and shoot camera, D-SLR, or dedicated video camera - creating compelling narratives on film is about technique not equipment. We will help you get the most out of any device you have to work with. Video equipment that our full-time film students use daily will also be available upon request.

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This workshop is FREE, and will be held Friday morning from 9am - noon, after which you can spend the afternoon visiting classes at SLA. Although the workshop is available at no extra registration cost, you must sign up in advance.

There is a limit of 30 participants in this workshop.

*This workshop will essentially be the same as last year's offering. We had an extensive wait list in '14 and wanted to accommodate those who missed out. If you already participated please give someone else the opportunity. For all that were with us previously, we'll be back with a new offering in '16.

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Douglas Herman
Douglas Herman
Staff: SLA; Founder: Rough Cut Productions; Cofounder: Rough Cut Schools


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