Meetups are ad-hoc meetings, outside the formal schedule, that can be organized by anyone at any time (before, after or even during the conference). Feel free to suggest your own meetup or join another.

Let's talk about 1:1 initiatives

Jan 23 4–5pm

If you are planning a technology initiative or already engaged in one, I would like to have a informal conversation to discuss best practices around 1:1 planning, design, support, and sustainability. Join us at Con Murphy's Pub located in the Windsor Suites Hotel during Happy Hour and discuss and learn about 1:1 initiatives.

Check in with @andycinek if you're planning on joining.

Student Centered Partnerships (schools & partners working to benefit students)

How can schools and teachers partner with outside organizations to create creditable, multidimensional, interest-driven, hands-on experiences for students?

How can strong partnerships create rich expanded learning opportunities that connect back to classroom experiences?

We've been supporting this work with 20 schools and 40 partners. We'd like to share our experiences/insights/suggestions, and to hear yours.

Session run by Rob DiRenzo & Brianna Lawrence of the NYC Digital Ready team —read more about our work at

Digital-powered approaches to mastery/competency

Let's explore possibilities, practices, and digital tools associated with mastery-based approaches in middle and high schools.

Possibilities and practices of mastery-based systems: personalization, asynchronicity, genuine mastery of skills/concepts/knowledge, increased transparency, etc.

Tools: digital portfolios, grading systems, and learning management systems. How can these digital tools/resources can be the engine under mastery-based learning/assessment systems for individual teachers, schools, or entire school systems?

Session run by Jeremy Kraushar & Joy Nolan of the NYC Digital Ready team —read more about our work at

Idealism With Its Sleeves Rolled Up: Antioch and PDK

Want to change the world? That's sort of our thing. Stop by to learn more about Antioch University New England. We've got online and face-to-face professional learning experiences- PD, certificates, and MEd programs- in PBL, EdTech, Mindfulness and a whole lot more, not to mention some of the nifties co-learners you'll ever meet. Join Laura Thomas (@CriticalSkills1), Susan Dreyer Leon (@MindfulEducator) and Alex Shevrin (@ShevTech) to talk about your plans to win a victory for humanity. Learn more about us at

Thanks to the good folks from Phi Delta Kappa ( for their support of this event- stop by to learn about what they have to offer!

EduCon Photowalk

Jan 25 7:30–8:45am

A very informal stroll around the SLA neighborhood to take some pictures in the morning light, share photography tips, and learn from each other. Because of the Saturday morning weather forecast, we'll do this Sunday morning instead.

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