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Idealism With Its Sleeves Rolled Up: Antioch and PDK Edit

Want to change the world? That's sort of our thing. Stop by to learn more about Antioch University New England. We've got online and face-to-face professional learning experiences- PD, certificates, and MEd programs- in PBL, EdTech, Mindfulness and a whole lot more, not to mention some of the nifties co-learners you'll ever meet. Join Laura Thomas (@CriticalSkills1), Susan Dreyer Leon (@MindfulEducator) and Alex Shevrin (@ShevTech) to talk about your plans to win a victory for humanity. Learn more about us at http://www.antiochne.edu/teacher-education/med-working-teachers/

Thanks to the good folks from Phi Delta Kappa (http://pdkintl.org) for their support of this event- stop by to learn about what they have to offer!


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