Erin Feerick

Erin Feerick

Kensington CAPA High School (KCAPA)

About Me

I am a 14 year veteran teacher in the school district of Philadelphia. I am proud to say all 14 years of my amazing career have been spent at Kensington High School. I was there when we were one large high school and was extremely involved when we split into 3 and now 4 smaller high schools. And, I continue to be part of the Kensington High community as even more cultural and educational shifts are taking part in our community each and evert day! To say that I pour my heart and soul into the Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School (KCAPA) is an understatement . I truly love my KCAPA family and each and every hat that I wear throughout the school year. As a result of this heart pouring I wear ALOT of hats: Special Education Teacher, Special Education Liaison, Testing Coordinator, and 2015, 16 and 17 senior Sponsor to name a few :) I

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