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A new leadership school

Session 6
Joshua Spodek — Columbia University and NYU

SLA's mission begins asking how we learn and what it means to lead.

Society could use more effective leadership. But where do we teach it? If leadership includes knowledge and skills like emotional intelligence, self-awareness, decision-making, negotiation, managing conflict, perceiving others, influence and persuasion, motivation, and managing groups and teams, and they are teachable, where does our educational system teach them? Some schools of education teach them, as do some other graduate schools, but always mixed with fields like business.

What about a school for leadership that teaches leadership solely and comprehensively? Where better than a new school with Leadership in its name to discuss the possibility?

The presenter is a Professor at NYU passionate about teaching leadership (and entrepreneurship) who believes leadership skills are teachable but rarely taught effectively. Inspired by SLA's success at the high school level, proposes discussing creating a school for leadership at the graduate level.

If you'd like to see a school focus on these subjects or have experience starting schools, please join the conversation.

Conversational Practice

I (the presenter) seek a conversation with people with relevant experience and common interests, not a presentation, since I haven't started a school or created a curriculum.

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Joshua Spodek
Joshua Spodek
NYU, Columbia University


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