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Advisory at SLA

Session 2
Kristina Scalia-Jackson, Allison Kelly, Bella Beato — Students at Science Leadership Academy

Advisory at any other high school is not looked at as something that would define the school or have an impact on it’s atmosphere. It is usually only looked at as a short period in between classes in which students receive things such as memos and announcements, but at SLA advisory is a major factor in what makes our school so special. Advisory at Science Leadership Academy is your home away from home. Your advisors are thought of as your school parents and as you are assigned one freshmen year, you then have the one person you will now rely on for everything. Your advisees become so much more than just your friends, they become almost like your brothers and sisters and relying on them academically, physically, and emotionally just becomes second nature. Advisories at SLA become your life saver and sometimes just being in the atmosphere of the class or spending time with your advisor or advisees can be the only thing that helps you pull through a stressful school week. The energy of the class and the relationships formed are what make this class so much more than just “homeroom”. Focussing on advisory at our school only seemed right considering it is one of the major things that helps shape us all as students throughout our four years of high school and prepares us not only for college, but for the rest of our lives.

Conversational Practice

The "What? So What? Now What?" approach will help get the conversation going in terms of what advisory is in their schools. After we know what advisory at SLA is using our "best practices" and recaps, what can we do about it. It will lead a conversation on how they can change their advisories for the better, not just watch our presentation on our way.

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