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Anatomy of the wired history classroom

Session 3
Yolanda Wilcox-Gonzalez, Melissa Alkire, Geeta Jain, Rodney Yeoh, Kader Adjout — Beaver Country Day School

What does it mean to be a wired history classroom? Now into our sixth year of practicing hardwired innovation in a 1:1 environment, we have learned a few things and are excited to share our insights. Our goal is to dissect the wired history classroom experience and lay on display the “textbook-less” approach to using multiple perspectives, collaborative projects, and assessment. In doing so, we will be highlighting practical tools that allow teachers and students to work in an inquiry-based environment, tips for classroom teachers wherever they may land on the technological spectrum, and concrete examples of how to make technology work for you, for the students, and for the history classroom.

Conversational Practice

We will share ideas and ask participants to look at case studies, using tech tools to have an interactive discussion on teaching and learning with technology. Some of the tools we will use are Mentimeter and Padlet.

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