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Creating A Stronger Home/School Connection

Session 3
Scott Totten — AOSA - American Orff-Schulwerk Association

The inspiration for this session came from reading the TeachThought article, "10 Ways To Ensure Parents Won’t Need To Ask ‘What Did You Do At School Today?" http://www.teachthought.com/learning/10-ways-to-ensure-parents-wont-need-to-ask-what-did-you-do-at-school-today/ The link to the article will be distributed prior to the session and we will create an updated version of the document with discipline specific and relevant opportunities to strengthen our professional discourse with parents/students/authentic audiences. By helping to amplify and deepen daily conversations between parents/students/others we strengthen our students voice and advocate for reflection, critical thinking and discourse.

Conversational Practice

We will discuss the distributed article in small groups, decide which examples are still relevant (2012 article) and create an updated list of resources that we use in our classrooms to strengthen the home/school connection. This document will be distributed to participants, shared over social media & will include contact information for resources and content to allow all participants to strengthen PLN connections and continue the conversation post conference. We will reflect upon the list we create and decide upon at least one new tool that we believe we can implement into our classroom instruction to strengthen the home/school connection.

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