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Learning To Lead In An Inquiry Driven School

Session 2
Aaron Gerwer — Science Leadership Academy, PhillyPLUS

Conversation will center around what it means to be an educational leader who supports and encourages inquiry. The effect of counter-intuitive, compliance based practices upon core beliefs and how even folks with genuine good intentions are shaped by poor leadership practices (at multiple levels) will be a point of discussion. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences with friction between established practices and core beliefs and I will describe my own experience and adjustments moving from more "traditional" educational models into the context of SLA. Central to the conversation will be the concept of leadership as a creative activity and how this creativity is made manifest: creating effective systems, re-imaging and re-constructing general initiatives into value-adds, problem solving, thought-partnering, and re-imaging the physical spaces of school. We will explore the concept of creativity as the activity that most honors person-hood while at the same time requiring the highest level of cognitive work.

Conversational Practice

Shared journals that lead to discussion and ultimately visual representation of a collective concept of inquiry driven leadership.

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Matt Moran

Aaron asked us to reflect on times when we have seen leaders "honor students' sense of self and ability to ask and seek answers to their questions."

This struck me as an excellent goal for all educators to reach for at all times and with all students.

Thanks to Aaron for leading a challenging and thought-provoking conversation while modeling SLA's inquiry methods for us.

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