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Prototyping a School, Space, Program,Project, Class or Lesson

Session 1
Don Buckley, Jaymes Dec, Chris Aguda. Lesa Wang — Marymount School, Tools at Schools

Join a conversation with Chris Aguda, Jaymes Dec and Lesa Wang from The Marymount School and Don Buckley from Tools At Schools about their experience "Prototyping a School, Space, Program,Project, Class or Lesson". Marymount has developed a culture of Prototyping one example is a course called “Engineering and Interaction Design”. The subject of this course was an introduction to physical computing and programming with a focus on designing for the real world. Students were introduced to lean startup/design thinking methodologies to solve real problem of an engineering nature. Students imagined, built, and tested prototypes of possible products/experiences/systems/services. The course was not planned out in advance, but prototyped and designed “on the fly” as needs and problems were identified.

key words/hastags: engineering, electronics, startup, design thinking, physical computing, innovation, prototype, agility

Q for discussions: How do you build a culture of prototyping. How do you build a culture of agility? Why prototype a class? How do you prototype a class? Who decides the content of the class? How do you design such a experience? What should the space where this experience is taught look like? Who teaches this type of class?

Conversational Practice

While discussing the key questions, participants will go through an abbreviated experience design cycle: imagining, prototyping, and testing a short and simple experience.

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don buckley
don buckley
Tools-at-Schools,Teachers College Columbia, Pearson Author
Jaymes Dec
Jaymes Dec
Marymount School


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