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Video Production and Social Media: A Powerful Combination

Session 3
George Mayo, Harry Costner — Montgomery County Public Schools (Silver Spring, MD.), Arlington Public Schools (Arlington, VA.)

Digital film and media production can be highly engaging classes for students across all grade levels. However, simply creating digital multi-media projects is only half of the equation. Students need the opportunity to share their projects with an authentic audience using the web. Sharing student created media and film projects online should be an essential element of any film program. If we expect students to be critical consumers of digital mass media, they must have the opportunity to create and share their own media online. Sharing is just as important as creating. Publishing media for an authentic audience provides students with vital motivation and purpose. The use of social media also helps students become more efficient in the collaborative work they do crafting their multi-media messages and projects.

As we all know, many kids today are creating and sharing all sorts of media online outside of school. However, we are not teaching students how to go about responsibly sharing media online. Students need to understand the basic rules that apply to the media they are creating and sharing both in and out of the classroom. In this conversation we will share our own experiences both creating and sharing digital media in our middle school and high school classrooms. Part of our session will also be a film production workshop that will allow participants to film and upload short clips of video about ideas and issues relevant to our discussion. Bring your own device or use one of ours.

Conversational Practice

Our session will be both a conversation and a mini film production workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to film and upload short video clips during the session about topics relevant to our discussion. This will be a short but compelling video project that showcases how fun and powerful video can be, especially when combined with social media.

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Harry Costner
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