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Can we and should we assess character?

Session 2
Jonathan Martin — Independent Writer and Consultant

The Mission Skills Assessment is currently used in 100 schools globally, and is open/available to all types of schools (for grades 6-8). It measures student proficiencies and growth in Teamwork, Creativity, Ethics, Resiliency, Curiosity, and Time Management.

A recent 2013 report by the RAND Corp for the Asia Society deemed it the singularly best tool available for "measuring 21st century competencies." I recently researched and wrote a 64 page user's guide and toolkit for MSA schools, and found lots of great examples of how schools are using this character assessment— and I heard concerns, as well.

In this session we'll look at sample questions and items, discuss the methodology, discuss the applications, and debate the value of doing this kind of character assessment. Attendees will learn more about this particular tool and about the broader work of assessing character and 21st c. skills.

Conversational Practice

Working groups studying assessment items. Small group discussion of a case study. Full group discussion and debate

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Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin
Independent: Writer and Consultant


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