During each of the six breakout sessions throughout the weekend, a large number of conversations will take place. This site will help you organize your plan for the weekend and provide the relevant information for each conversation. After signing in, search through the conversations below and mark the sessions you are interested in to populate your personal schedule on the right (or below if on your mobile phone).

Closing the Gender Gap in Innovation: Engaging Girls in STEM

Session 1
Jennifer L Scheffer, Mira Mehdi, Cat Hoyt, Kristin Johnson, Kelsey O'Brien

This conversation will focus on how to empower young women to enroll and succeed in STEM based courses. Here from a panel of four innovative young women enrolled in Burlington High School's Student Technology Innovation and Integration course. Learn about their programs best practices and leave with student generated ideas on how to increase enrollment among young women in the STEM courses offered at your own school.

Getting our Kum-ba-ya On

Session 5
Susan Dreyer Leon

Mindfulness is the new buzzword in EduCircles these days. But what is it, exactly? What does it look like in different incarnations and different settings? Is it a relaxation technique, a stress reducer, or the feel good hit of the new school year? Is Mindfulness a passing fad or the key to powerful teaching and learning- or something in between?

Approaching Authentic Assessments

Session 6
Max Rosen-Long

Project-based learning gives teachers the opportunity to bring learning closer to students' real lives. But how can we make sure the final projects we ask students to create both require them to use real-world skills and spark their curiosity, inquiry, and imaginations? Instead of asking students to make projects that approximate real-life for the future, how can we ask them to do meaningful assessments that matter for real life today?

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