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Getting our Kum-ba-ya On

Session 5
Susan Dreyer Leon — Antioch University New England

In light of the ever-increasing pressures facing students and teachers, is it any wonder that we're reaching for new tools to keep us focused and balanced? Mindfulness seems like an easy solution. It does't cost much, there are no expensive materials and really- how hard is it to teach people to breath and be present? As a result, myriad programs have sprung up around the concept- some of dubious quality, all introducing the ideas from different perspectives. What's the difference between the good ones and the weak ones? What is your experience with Mindfulness in schools? Has it worked for you kids? Why (or why not)?

Conversational Practice

I'll spend just a few minutes (no more than 10) sharing some examples of what I mean by Mindfulness, followed by discussions focused around the questions included above using either a whole group (if the group is small) or small group to large group (if it's large) discussion format.

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