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Critical Thinking by Design: How Teachers are Creating Contexts to Enhance Student Thinking

Session 2
Jean-Marc Dupont, Pierre Ouellet — CECCE

Participants will be invited to discuss different physical configurations of classroom models as well as inquiry based learning approaches along with a variety of technological tools. We will aim to highlight the strengths and short comings of problem based learning in a digital age. The discussion will aim to address topics such as: how to build a strong critical thinking question, how to support inquiry in the classroom, as well as how to include technology in an inquiry based approach.
To build a strong critical question, teachers must first teach students to learn how to differentiate between an opinion and a judgement. Participants will be invited to look critically at their craft and analyze the efficiency of their own questions. Asking the right questions often isn’t enough. Participants will also be invited to discuss effective questions sequences, as well as how teachers can create an environment that encourages risk taking and builds a community of thinkers in their classrooms. Finally, we will guide participants through a discussion around the integration of web 2.0 tools, in order to show how cloud based technology can not only enhance the learning experience, but rather transform it. This collaborative discussion around critical thinking will be a model for the modern day classroom. Habits of mind as well as the inquiry based approach will make up the bulk of the deliberation. In short, participants will be invited to debate and discuss what it means to transform the learning experience for all of our students.

Conversational Practice

The use of collaborative documents will help participants share perspectives and leave traces of the learning that takes place. These online documents will be made readily available for all participants as reference materials after the conference.

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JeanMarc Dupont
JeanMarc Dupont
Teacher Consultant for Ottawa French Catholic School Board


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