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Doodling the C’s: Creativity, Comprehension, Communication & Connections

Session 2
Shelley Paul, Jill Gough — Woodward Academy, Trinity School

How might notetaking become more active, personal, brain-compatible and shareable? How might we incorporate symbols and doodles to improve listening, better express ideas, summarize/synthesize learning and make connections? Join a conversation and practice session to explore how we might grow ourselves and our learners through doodling and visual thinking.

This is a “do and dialogue” session. Together, we will experiment and prototype graphical, non-linear, low-res notes to listen deeply, capture big ideas, make creative connections, and strengthen comprehension and retention of important moments, learnings, and lessons.

We will begin with a quick convo about the “why and what” of sketchnoting, share a bit about its impact at our schools, and on our own thinking and learning, then practice and learn together. We will doodle to a TED talk, doodle while we read, bravely share our work, and discuss how doodling can change peer-to-peer observations and feedback.

Conversational Practice

This is a “do and dialogue” session. We will use the Visible Thinking Routine: Connect, Extend, Challenge as a reflection and discussion tool after each round of doodling. We intend for the conversation to take on a public presence as we tweet our doodles using #ShowYourWork. This is a learn, create, and share session. Be brave. Share your ideas with others to amplify opportunities for feedback and celebration.

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