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Gamification - A scaffold for instructional design and mastery learning

Session 2
Philip Vinogradov — Upper Dublin School District

In this conversation we will explore a successful classroom gamification framework, and consider ways it could be scaled to be systemic across a school, as well as leveraged for teacher PD. Like compelling video games, a gamified classroom engages learners with achievable, incremental challenges, designed to build skills and knowledge necessary for meeting more sophisticated challenges as learners move from one level to the next. A “Gamified” class uses a mastery system and so failure is encouraged. Failure (making mistakes) is valued as a legitimate technique for practice and feedback provides learners with cues, hints, and partial solutions to keep them progressing and motivated, as well as acknowledgement of incremental goal progress. If students fail a quiz, lab, or assignment challenge, they may repeat it until they have mastered the skill. This in turn creates a system that is leveled, allowing for differentiation and students to progress at a personal pace. Google Apps and your learning management system can be leveraged to build a gamified scaffolding that support an inquiry learning cycle, differentiation, learner independence, and collaboration.

Conversational Practice

Participants will experience gamified strategies as they explore the topic and model, generating questions and solutions to the challenge of bringing ramification to scale

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