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Getting Traction: Where can we make the most difference and how?

Session 1
Matthew C. Baird — Science Leadership Academy

Each school year we begin with high hopes and plans to make our job and our lives easier or better. By the end of January, however, teachers are maxed out in what they can do because there are too many things pulling us in various directions. So much so that it can feel at times as if nothing is getting done and we are simply treading water. This conversation is an attempt to gain some traction in our teaching lives by reflecting upon the question of where can we make the most difference and how.

Conversational Practice

This is a workshop where educators will work with colleagues to take at least one dormant idea that they had coming into the year and resurrect it for the spring. This process will utilize small groups as the basis of the session.

Presenter Profiles

Matthew Baird
Matthew Baird
Science Leadership Academy


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