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Imagining Digital Spaces for Learning

Session 4
David Jakes — The Third Teacher+

Schools are moving toward ubiquitous technology access and students themselves own more devices. Meanwhile, the opportunities to connect and learn online in a variety of formats are increasing exponentially . The technology is present and now is the time for schools to consider what they offer with regards to online learning and the spaces that support it.

In this conversation, we’ll explore the design of digital spaces for learning that are equal in stature to the learning that takes place in traditional physical locations. How can the learning in a physical space be amplified by a digital location for learning? How can learning in a digital space inform learning in a physical space? How is blended learning encouraged? Most importantly, what are the spatial implications of a contemporary learning experience that employs an ecology of digital tools to provide “learning in the cloud?”

Conversational Practice

We’ll address the questions described in the extended description section and more, and crowdsource a manifesto of beliefs that declare how digital spaces support learning. From there, participants will be challenged to begin designing a prototype digital learning space. Models will be shared online.

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