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Inquiry-driven project-based learning entrepreneurship at University

Session 3
Joshua Spodek — NYU, Columbia

Two parts.

One, since learning as much as I could about inquiry-driving project-based learning at Educon 2.6, I taught two classes in entrepreneurship at NYU that way and expect to teach a new class in leadership this Spring. I will give a progress report, open to constructive criticism, and look for ideas for teaching a brand-new leadership class.

Two, assuming we want to spread the practice, let's find ways to do so, to find others practicing, and create community. Also, let's check that assumption. How does this style of teaching and learning differ in universities compared to K-12? What's easier or harder for the student, teacher, learning institution, etc?

Conversational Practice

On the first part, having revamped my entrepreneurship syllabus on first learning about inquiry-driven project-based learning at Educon 2.6 I would love input on what I did well and what I can improve from people with more experience and training. I'm open to completely revamping my new leadership syllabus too.

On the second part, I propose to workshop how to find what resources, challenges, goals, frustrations, successes, and so on we have, then what we can do to improve how we teach and how we can help others who want that help.

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