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Life Beyond School Walls

Session 6
Justin Lanier — Princeton Learning Cooperative

I work at Princeton Learning Cooperative, an "unschool" that helps teens who are not a good "fit" for school to leave it and lead lives without it. One part of my job is to help teens to connect with the community and to find resources and opportunities to make meaningful lives for themselves. I also write a blog called Math Munch for middle and high schoolers that aims to connect them with the wide world of mathematics that exists on the internet—and to help them to find some spots within it to love.

That's where I'm coming from on this question of "life beyond school walls". I'll have some remarks to make about the work I do, and I think they'll help us to cut past some usual assumptions of what school is about and open up an interesting conversation—about those assumptions, about what we value in our adult lives, and what we see as the most valuable and shaping experiences we can help our students to have.

Conversational Practice

I don't think it will be hard for this to turn into conversation after I make a short introductory presentation. Knowing myself, I imagine I'll give folks some individual reflection time, some time to chat with a partner or small group, and then have a whole-group conversation. And having just read the "more ideas" link below, I'll have some way for us to record our conversation and our concomitant thoughts—perhaps a collaborative Google doc.

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