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Self Care in a Challenging Educational Climate

Session 5
Zoe Siswick, Meenoo Rami — Science Leadership Academy

In the era of increasing teacher demoralization, how do teachers keep the momentum going? What are the most effective self-care ideas for teachers to implement in their teaching lives. This session will create a space for a dialogue and sharing of the strategies that have helped us along our professional journey. We are looking forward to hearing and learning from other participants in this session and creating a resource for other teachers to utilize as well.

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Desmond Hasty

Self Care Tips for Teachers — Zoe and Meenoo EduCon 2.7 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vJNfz85ztSQFLIDIwX5_bD9OcCArA-0KdaiRzwohFCk/edit @MeenooRami @rowhomeeats

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