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The Arts Across Disciplines: Building up STEAM in the classroom (Is it getting SHTEAMY in here?)

Session 3
Caitlin Thompson, Melanie Manuel, Rosalind Echols — SLA

The arts provide students with multiple creative ways to demonstrate mastery of goals. When we integrate the arts across curriculum, we give students the tools necessary to master the crucial life skill of seeing, engaging in and experiencing the world in new and unique ways.

Participants will be introduced to new ways of utilizing the arts to enrich inquiry and facilitate discussions. Participatory activities will be used to model analysis and creation of different forms of art that enrich content, deepen understandings and question dominant paradigms. The session will also explore ways that the arts are a vehicle for engagement of students from diverse backgrounds. Participants will be creating ideas and activities for their own classrooms.

Conversational Practice

We will cross-pollinate and create a shared resource of ideas and example projects.

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