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The Privileged Voices in Education

Session 2
Audrey Watters, Jose Vilson

The people that are often praised as education leaders, no matter where they might sit on the "politics of education reform" spectrum — the right or the left, from the public or private sector, "insiders" or "outsiders" — often share a lot in common: namely, their privilege. Their class privilege. Their gender privilege. Their racial privilege. Their age privilege. Their health privilege. Their credential privilege.

We need to stop and ask: whose voices are we hearing? Whose voices are we ignoring? Whose voices are we amplifying? Whose voices are we squelching?

Audrey Watters and Jose Vilson will open a discussion about who gets recognized, who gets amplified. How does privilege play out in the politics of education? How can we tackle questions of diversity in education?

Conversational Practice

We could start with a question that seems to be popular among ed(tech) bloggers: who are the most prominent voices in education? Let's reflect on who these are? Who's missing? This session will begin as a conversation between Vilson and Watters, but the goal is to open some of our provocations up to the larger audience.

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