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When Innovation Fails

Session 6
Brett Clark, Erin Klein

In our conversation we will discuss innovations we have experienced in our classrooms and districts. We will focus on how you must first define success and how you’ll measure it before you ever implement something new. Then assess progress throughout the implementation and make adjustments. Throughout the process you must continue to engage all stakeholders and have open and honest conversations to retain buy-in, trust, and continue to grow.

We will share personal experiences ranging from rolling out 8,000 chromebooks, flipping classrooms, designing and redesigning learning spaces, and more. Participants will also have opportunities to share their current/past struggles.

The purpose of the conversation is to help all of us have the right mindset heading into something new. In order to do so we must plan to assess progress, document progress, and reflect. Throughout the reflection we can’t lose sight of the reason why we tried the innovation in the first place. The goal is always more important than the innovation itself.

Conversational Practice

During the conversation we will use ClassFlow to engage the audience in the conversation. We will push out information to their devices. The audience will be able to respond to questions and share resources through ClassFlow. Participates will have opportunities to share their own failures and how they’ve built off of them. Resources and information will be shared on a public google doc.

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