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Beyond the Hype: Designing Environments That Best Support Student Learning

Session 2
David Bill — NoTosh

For all the tech gizmos you can buy and tables you can put on wheels, learning environments, and in turn the experiences they create, are only as powerful as the culture and curricula that determine how you use them.

This conversation will offer attendees the opportunity to identify what is beneath the hype and glitz of educational technology and classroom makeovers. Combining theory and practice, attendees will be exposed to and build upon strategies that will ensure they are able to take advantage of available spatial and technological opportunities while utilizing those resources to best support students owning their own learning*.

*As defined by the likes of Dylan Wiliam, John Hattie, and TONS of other great minds.

Conversational Practice

Through a series of provocations and activities, attendees will explore each layer of a learning experience and how digital and physical environments can ensure that those experiences best support students so they can define, explore, and build solutions to the problems they seek to answer.

Attendees will walk away from the session with a series of ideas or considerations that will help them shape their learning environments to best support their students' learning explorations.

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David Bill
David Bill


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