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Edu-fying Design: Adapting the Designer’s Toolkit for Education

Session 3
Cynthia Warner, Alana Laudone — iZone (NYC Department of Education)

There is much talk of “design in education” - applying design thinking principles to make change in schools and districts. Borrowing methods from this field can be refreshing… but not always relevant to educator-innovators. How might we “edu-fy” design tools to make them responsive to the educator’s context? Join us for a hands-on session to explore key design approaches and build new versions that can empower educators to problem-solve and innovate in their schools! Together we’ll go from designing education to edu-fying design… and leave with new tools for change-making in education.

Conversational Practice

Together, we’ll go through a few design exercises. Grounded in these as examples, we’ll work in small groups to produce new resources that can support educators in applying design principles to make change. Participants will leave with a new resource or tool for approaching change through design in an education context.

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