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“The Wannado Curriculum: Scenes from a Dynamic Math 2.0 Classroom”

Session 5
David Weksler, Ihor Charischak — Too many to mention ;-) - independent math prof. development providers

Following a brief presentation by one local and one remote presenter, we will engage with the discussants who may be interested in enriching mathematics learning and teaching at all levels through more active problem solving, non-traditional methodologies and utilization of Web 2.0 technologies. Challenges abound, no-doubt (Core Curriculum demands, state-mandated high-stakes testing) but dynamic teachers across the US and around the world are already sharing best practices.

We anticipate an active discussion with participants in the room at SLA as well as contributions from colleagues and friends - we are going to set this up in advance! - sharing ideas through Twitter and other social media platforms, email, etc. The engagement of the participants in a focussed but far-ranging (interdisciplinary approaches, problem/project-based learning ideas - even the SLA model!) conversation will hopefully not end at the conclusion of the breakout session. Relationships may be formed and plans for implementations in classrooms will continue to be discussed and supported. Orthogonal thinking (math PLUS dance, math PLUS art, math in the real world) will be encouraged.

Conversational Practice

Remote presenter (Ihor, by Skype, Google Hangout, etc.), Twitter #hashtag commentary during presentation for added input - outgrouth of active #mathchat

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David Weksler
David Weksler
Educator/CLIME/MoMath/Mindfulness Into Action/Senior Planet - wex@pobox.com/@dweksler/#WannaDoMath


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