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What's next for PBL?

Session 3
Laura Thomas — Antioch University New England, Edutopia Community Facilitator, NHISTE, ISTE, Coalition of Essential Schools

This conversation will focus on the ways that PBL is implemented in different classrooms, contexts, and levels. I'm curious about the ways that teachers are "acting back" on the PBL constructs that they've been working with and how they're improving the experience for their students and for themselves as educators.

Conversational Practice

This is going to be either large or small group discussion (depending on the size of the group) guided by a series of discussion prompts including: 1. What does PBL look like in your classroom? 2. What do you struggle with, PBL-wise? 3. How do you keep PBL interesting for your students? 4. What do YOU do while your students are engaged in PBL? 5. What do you wish PBL would help you do?

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Laura Thomas
Laura Thomas
Antioch University New England/ Edutopia


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