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Community and University Partnerships: How do we cultivate them?

Session 5
Matthew N VanKouwenberg and others

SLA has partnerships with The Franklin Institute, Drexel University, University of Pennsylvania, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the ExCITe Center, the Department of Making and Doing, USAID… How did these partnerships start? Why did these partnerships start? Join us for a brief overview of the partnerships to help see some of the possibilities then workshop some possibilities at your schools.

Conversational Practice

There will be an overview of many of our partnerships and the benefits our students have gotten from them (voiced by our students) with some data. Then some of our partners will speak on why they chose to partner with us, what motivates them to partner with schools. Then we will give a brief description of national resources for partnerships. Then there will be workshops around cold-calling, cold-emailing and other ways the participants can create their own partnerships.

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