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Project Stargazer: Student-Led Collaborative Design and Education

Session 3
Derrick Pitts, Alexander Wroblewski, Andrew Roberts, Michael Thayres, and Morgan Caswell — Science Leadership Academy & The Franklin Institute

This conversation focuses on creating a space for students to create and lead their own projects, as well as helping teachers enter a mentorship role with the students involved. The students of Project Stargazer, a dedicated group of Science Leadership Academy students who built their own STEM project focusing on Virtual Reality in collaboration with The Franklin Institute and Boeing will be leading the conversation, and providing advice from their own experiences in making such a project a reality. During this session, the students will also share the process of building a multi-faceted team such as Stargazer has today. Out of this session, you’ll learn to apply the processes and models needed to help students create and lead their own projects in a high school environment.

Conversational Practice

This conversation will start with a brief overview of Project Stargazer which will lead into a whole group discussion of project design principles. The group discussion leads into a smaller design period with partners using poster stickies. Finally, the group will convene to discuss and comment on the ideas. The finalized ideas, as well as key points from the conversation will be sent as an email to all participants afterwards to serve as a guide, both to students looking to create their own projects and educators looking to serve as mentors.

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Presenter Profiles

Morgan Caswell
Morgan Caswell
Wagner Free Institute of Science
Alexander Wroblewski
Alexander Wroblewski
Science Leadership Academy and The Franklin Institute
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts
Science Leadership Academy and the Franklin Institute


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