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Social Justice by the Numbers: Integrating social justice topics within mathematics courses

Session 6
Erin Giorgio, Brad Latimer, Mark Miles, Elizabeth Menasion — Science Leadership Academy; Philadelphia Teaching Fellows; Penn GSE

Why are the prices at grocery stores different depending on their location? Is there a pattern to where they are located? Are all groups proportionately represented in local and federal government? What is the mathematics behind minimum wage and living wage? Join us for a conversation that examines these questions (and more) through a mathematical lens, with a focus on strategies to incorporate social justice activities and projects into a high school mathematics curriculum.

Below is a folder of resources for Teaching Social Justice in Math Class.


Conversational Practice

Both teachers and students will present activities/projects that have been integrated into our SLA math and elective courses. The majority of the session will focus on brainstorming strategies to implement social justice themes across subject areas.

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Brad Latimer
Brad Latimer


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