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The Savvy Online Student

Session 4
Ted Bongiovanni — New York University, Abu Dhabi

How can faculty ensure that students are more likely to succeed in their online classes and have a more rewarding teaching experience? In this session, we will show how NYU prepares students for online classes, and then model how seasoned instructors follow up in their individual classes to support the student learning experience.

Students will get more out of your online learning experience if they learn about how to learn online. Your school should offer an orientation to being an online student. It's more than learning which buttons to press. It's about students being at the center of many learning activities. Participants in this session will gain ideas for a range of online student orientation activities, from getting beyond the text-based "introduce yourself" to a model for what we call week zero, activities that immerse students in the practice of online learning before class begins.


Participants will be able to

  • Create new activities to introduce their students to their online classes
  • Help program administrators develop a model student orientation program
  • Describe methods for engaging new and seasoned online learners in orientation courses
  • Adapt the materials presented in the workshop for their own use

Conversational Practice

  • Model range of interaction activities
  • Questions and Answers from the audience
  • Live twitter feed comments & questions

Materials to be made available:

  • Presentation
  • Sample, adaptable lesson
  • One page summary of best practices for student orientation programs

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Ted Bongiovanni
Ted Bongiovanni
New York University Abu Dhabi


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